Preparing for the OMERS non-full-time employee Plan change - November 18, 2022

MEPCO knows that municipal employers are preparing for the upcoming OMERS non-full-time employee Plan change. As of January 1, 2023, employees of an OMERS employer who work less than a full work week or fewer than 12 months a year – what we call “non-full-time” – will become eligible to join the OMERS Plan.

Today, NFT employees must meet certain eligibility rules before they can be offered enrolment into the OMERS Plan. With the NFT Plan change, employers no longer need to test against these eligibility rules and all NFT employees may elect to join the OMERS Plan any time after December 31, 2022.

To help with the transition of this Plan change, OMERS has several resources available to provide additional information to NFT employees and assist employers with the administration process.

Resources for OMERS Employers
Employers can attend a webinar for guidance on the administration process for the NFT Plan change on any of the following dates: November 24, December 2, or December 5. In-person sessions for specific employers, sponsors, or stakeholders can also be arranged by contacting the OMERS Stakeholder Relations team at

More information can be found in the OMERS NFT FAQ, which is periodically updated with questions they receive from employers and stakeholders. Please refer to it as a handy resource the next time you have a question about the NFT Plan change.

One common question for municipal employers has been on the eligibility of volunteer firefighters to enroll in the Plan. A person who is volunteering is not an employee and, therefore, is not eligible to participate in the Plan. However, it is up to each employer to determine whether an individual is an employee or a volunteer. For more information on some general factors for making this determination, please reach out to OMERS Employer Services.

Resources for NFT Employees
NFT employees can visit OMERS’ new website to learn more about how the OMERS Plan works, the benefits and facts about OMERS membership, and how to enroll – and watch an informative video that outlines the process of enrolment.

There are also webinars available for NFT employees to learn about what it means to be an OMERS member, how the OMERS defined benefit pension works, and more. NFT employees can register for any of the following webinars: November 21, December 1, or December 5.


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