What municipalities should know about MEPCO - February 17, 2023

Pensions can be complicated. That's why MEPCO recruits a Board of Directors with the expertise needed to evaluate the impact of pension issues, and any proposed OMERS Plan changes, on municipal employers.

To better understand MEPCO's role, and some of the key pension matters on the horizon, we created a simple Fact Sheet for municipal staff and elected officials.

MEPCO brings the municipal-employer perspective to OMERS-related decisions. We do that by providing AMO's appointees to the OMERS corporate boards that are in charge of pension design and administration with the pension, actuarial, legal and municipal expertise and resource they need to fulfil their responsibilities in a way that fully considers the realities and aspirations of Ontario's municipal employers. Part of our work is to keep member municipalities up-to-date on pension issues that impact municipal governments. Our Fact Sheet explains MEPCO's role in more detail, and provides a summary of current pension matters and MEPCO's work.  

Our Fact Sheet can be shared electronically, inserted into Council agendas, or printed.

MEPCO Fact Sheet



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